T-Mobile USA Tapping Clearwire For High Speed Data?

clearwireAs some carriers make their move towards 4G, T-Mobile USA is losing some customers for their inability to even provide 3G access, something the carrier is looking to fix for their next generation network.  Rumor has it that T-Mobile is working on a join venture opportunity with Clearwire to support their 4G data network.

Two pretty interesting facts:

  • T-Mobile USA and Clearwire have headquarters right next to eachother
  • Clearwire is majority owned by Sprint

The United States mobile market is fierce right now, with Verizon and AT&T leading the way and both Sprint and T-Mobile struggling a little bit. T-Mobile essentially “purchasing” 4G data from Sprint would give their competitors a nice insurance policy.

There have also been reports of T-Mobile’s parent company buying Sprint or even spinning of T-Mobile USA or selling it. Doesn’t seem likely according to TMO CEO:

“What you never want to do is take one company that is going through challenges and take another company going through challenges.”

I guess somebody learned something from Sprint Nextel.

[Via RWW]

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