Unlocked Sony Xperia Ion up for pre-order through third-party retailer, priced at $570

Sony is set to launch their Xperia Ion on AT&T in a few weeks and at least one third-party retailer is already offering the unlocked, SIM-free version of the phone for pre-sale. Listed at price of 9.50 at Negri Electronics, purchasing the handset for a US network other than AT&T won’t be very fruitful — the Ion can technically connect to T-Mobile’s network but is limited to EDGE connectivity. Users in Asia and Europe may have a bit more luck with the handset’s 3G/HSPA support, as the listing details compatibility with the 2100MHz band.

For more info on the Xperia Ion, check out our hands-on from CES. We compare it side-by-side with its Xperia S counterpart. We also compared the Ion’s quick camera functionalities to those of the Galaxy Nexus. The results may surprise you.

[via Android Central]

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