Sony LT22i Nypon Coming to Market as Xperia P?

More dots are being connected for Sony’s known slate of 2012 launches. Exactly a week ago we learned that the Sony ST25i Kumquat could launch as the Xperia U and now we’re hearing news about the LT22i Nypon. According to a new leak it will be marketed as the Sony Xperia P. That’s totally believable considering Sony’s 2012 naming scheme introduced following their proposed deal to take over the mobile division of the Sony-Ericsson partnership. The device is supposed to be similar to the Xperia S, except it would have a different processor and a weaker screen. If everything has been accurate we should see it in some capacity at Mobile World Congress. [source via GSM Arena]

Google Updates Search on Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb to Bring ICS Interface, Features

Google has updated theirGoogle Search application for Froyo and later devices. Well, this does exclude Ice Cream Sandwich since Ice Cream Sandwich has already had much of the features in this search application. It adopts the style and features from Ice Cream Sandwich’s implementation but Google gives us a convenient run down of what’s actually being added here:

  • Faster, smoother performance, with an updated and simplified user interface.
  • Suggestions for your search grouped by type, with web suggestions at the top.
  • Country-specific suggestions and search results for all countries with Google domains.
  • Long press to remove history items.

And they also give us a few hints that may not otherwise be immediately evident:

  • Tap the arrow to the right of a search suggestion or history item to add it to your search term before searching.
  • Get suggestions from other apps on your phone – check out searchable items in Search settings.
  • Long press on home screen to add the Google Search widget, if you don’t have it already, to access search faster.

You can find the update in the Android market or just scan the QR code below. [Google]

Prada Phone by LG 3.0 hits UK tomorrow via Phones 4u

The fashionable stylings of the PRADA phone by LG 3.0 (most convoluted handset name ever?) will grace UK shores starting tomorrow courtesy of retailer Phones 4u. The handset features a greyscale custom interface and “Saffiano leather feel back” to match a feature set that includes a dual-core processor, 8MP camera, and ultra-bright NOVA display. The perfect accessory for any runway show, the latest Prada handset is headed for Vodafone and O2 and will be free when purchased on a two-year contract with a  £31 tariff. It should land on T-Mobile UK in February.


London, 26.01.12 – Phones 4u is proud to announce that it will be the first retailer in the UK to stock the new PRADA phone by LG 3.0. The first batch of designer PRADA phones will go on sale for the first time in the UK tomorrow, on Friday 27th January.

With its sleek black design, unique PRADA customised black, grey and white user interface, and PRADA’s signature Saffiano leather feel back, the PRADA phone by LG 3.0 is every gadget-smitten fashionista’s dream. But what it exudes in style it also oozes in substance.

Currently one of the slimmest phones on the smartphone market at 8.5mm, the PRADA phone by LG has a high brightness 800-nit NOVA display to view all those crystal clear photos taken on the 8MP camera. With 1.0GHz Dual-Core/Dual-Channel processor and dual-band Wi-Fi for high-speed performance and internet browsing, it also comes with an internal memory up to 8GB, all wrapped up in a deluxe PRADA branded box with PRADA branded stereo headset included.

Scott Hooton, Phones 4u Chief Commercial Officer commented: “Our customers value their mobile phones highly, and so seek not only a powerhouse of technology, but aspirational design also. The PRADA phone by LG 3.0 delivers on both fronts, and we’re excited to be putting it into the hands of our customers before anyone else.”

If you take out a contract on the PRADA phone by LG 3.0 at Phones 4u before the end of February, you’ll also get 12 months free unlimited* 4u Wi-Fi. The new 4u Wi-Fi offering from Phones 4u allows you access to Wi-Fi from your mobile phone whenever you’re in one of The Cloud’s 6000+ hotspots across the UK. What makes 4u Wi-Fi even better is that you only have to register for Wi-Fi access ONCE. Each time you then enter one of The Cloud’s Wi-Fi hotspots, you will be automatically connected to wireless internet.
The PRADA phone by LG 3.0 will be available from Phones 4u stores and online FREE from £31 a month on a choice of networks from Friday 27th January. You can watch a hands-on review of the glossy new PRADA phone by LG 3.0 on the Phones 4u website now, and order yours from tomorrow.

Latest Galaxy S III rumor says quad-core CPU, 12MP camera, HD display for April launch

Industry insider Eldar Murtazin claims to have gotten his hands on the Samsung Galaxy S III and hasn’t been shy about dishing on his new handset, taking to Twitter to offer confirmation of previous rumors and to throw a few new ones into the pot. The Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone is likely a month out from its official unveiling at Mobile World Congress, but in the mean time Murtazin tells us the device will feature an HD display and 12MP camera in addition to its quad-core chipset clocked somewhere in the range of 1.5GHz to 1.6GHz. It’s hard to imagine the next Android flagship from Samsung would feature less — the hardware specs seem almost standard for the next generation of Android superphone. Perhaps the most revealing bit of information Murtazin provided was a potential April release. That timeframe would most likely apply to the international version of the phone only. Unless Samsung breaks from tradition, US versions of the device won’t come until several months later.

[via MobileSyrup]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Hands-on and Impressions [CES 2012]

We got a chance to get our hands on Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 7.7, an Android-running tablet that has a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. The device is extremely thin and light and very comfortable to hold. The display was beautiful and that’s because Samsung was able to stretch their Super AMOLED Plus technology into a 7.7 inch beaut.

It’s long been known that this technology in this size was scarce in quantity from Samsung as they favored displays from 3.5 to 4.65 inches. We’re not sure whether that has to due with technical or logistic issues but it’s comforting to see that Samsung is confident enough that this technology is ready for the big screen.

Unfortunately Samsung was unable to tell us which processor they had inside but the 1.4GHz chipset ran Android and TouchWiz quite smoothly. We imagine things will get even better with Android 4.0 but they had no details on its arrival to the tablet.

TouchWiz is almost the same since I last used it (on the Tab 10.1) but there are a few minor UI changes. There’s nothing too huge to make a big deal about but it all does look just a tad nicer and performs just a tad smoother. Verizon will be getting this one sometime soon and Samsung wouldn’t confirm whether or not other carrier partners were lined up. Check out the video demo above.

Hands-on the Quad-Core, ICS Powered Iconia Tab A510, ZTE 7-Inch [CES]

At NVIDIA’s Press Conference yesterday, they announced two tablets running Android 4.0 with Quad-Core Tegra 3 Processors. We hit up the NVIDIA booth at CES hoping to get the full run down of specs and details, but quickly realized that we knew as much as anyone: for the most part, both devices were pre-production units with final specs still TBD.

The Acer Iconia Tab A510 was the further along of the two devices, looking nearly complete:

I really like the middle button Acer added which pops up a quick navigation menu, allowing for volume adjustment, access to bookmarks, and several other features which I’m thinking Acer will (or should) allow you to customize. Browser and Screen capture were the two it showed on the demo.

The ZTE 7-inch tablet was far from ready. In fact, there were still Asian characters mixed with the English alphabet when you pull up the keyboard for searches, texting, or any other input. All the specs were up in the air, but we did our best to decipher the possibilities.

It looks especially chunky, but will most likely thin out as it enters further development stages.

Android 4.0 is what’s supposed to take Android Tablets to the next level, so it’s nice to see 2012 coming out of the gate with manufacturers prepping their wares for the year ahead. Are the Iconia Tab A510 or ZTE 7-incher anything you’re interested in? We know you all love the Transformer Prime, but for what else are you eagerly awaiting (devices, specs, features, etc…) when it comes to Android Tablets in 2012?

Seidio Releases 3800mAh Extended Battery for Galaxy Nexus

Many have been wondering when Seidio would release their extended battery for the Galaxy Nexus but you can stop all of that wondering. They have released a 3800mAh extended battery for the device and, as you might expect, it’s an eyesore of a sight. It adds an enormous amount of bulk but it also adds an enormous amount of battery life. Another negative is that you’d be losing NFC support, though we’re sure there are those who care more about prolonged battery life than a technology that is not yet widespread. It’s only to take the plunge so get to it here. [via Gizmodo]

Sony Unveils the SmartWatch, Shipping With Xperia S Later This Year

Smart watches are all the rage these days, apparently, as yet another player has come to the table with one… sort of. Sony has introduced the SmartWatch and has announced that the device will ship with the Xperia S later this quarter for about 100.

Sony Ericsson – the joint partnership between Sony and Ericsson whose phone and mobile division will soon be swallowed by Sony – had the LiveView accessory and while it was a great idea they didn’t really execute the way I thought they would have.

Sony’s giving it another shot here, though. We’re looking at a 1.3 inch OLED (read: WIN!) screen which pairs to your phone via Bluetooth and will show you incoming calls, texts, emails and more.

It’s important for devices like these to be extensive so we’re happy to know that Sony will be making an SDK for developers and will support application downloads from the Android market. Head to their site for more information.

First Look: Motorola Motoluxe, DEFY Mini, XT917, XT928 at CES 2012

Motorola had their international lineup of smartphones for early 2012 on hand at this year’s CES and we had the opportunity to get a first look at devices planned for release outside the US. The lineup includes a few mid-range designs focusing on specific customer classes as well as a couple handsets for the Chinese market featuring some of the best hardware of Motorola’s current offerings. The Motorola XT917 and Motorola XT928 take a page from the RAZR family’s books and feature large, crisp displays. A highlight of both is the HD-video-capable 13MP camera embedded around back.

The Motoluxe and DEFY Mini are smaller devices meant to meet the needs of those seeking either style or durability. The Motoluxe is packed into a slim package with a sleek design, while the DEFY Mini meets the standards of previous DEFY handsets with a Gorilla Glass display and durable case design. We have the full run down on each in the video above.

Motorola DROID 4 to be $250 on Two-Year Contract?

The good boys over at Droid-Life have gotten their hands on another MAP list that shows us the pricing of several new devices. While the LG Spectrum and the DROID RAZR MAXX have already gotten official pricing we still have yet to hear anything from Big Red on the DROID 4. It appears it’ll be 0, though, according to the latest leak. It’s a great price for a high-end 4G device as those usually tend to go for 0 at launch. We won’t complain, though. Not at all. Remember, though, that things can ALWAYS change so don’t go planning your financial plan without keeping that in mind.